American Marine PINPOINT ORP/REDOX Controller



Automate ozone in your special aquarium the use of the best controller available in the market – the American Marine Pinpoint ORP Controller. This is a highly functional device, but additionally it is not that costly. Going further, this rugged controller is structured with an ORP probe made of platinum, which makes it very efficient in its task. Except for that, this amazing device can automate another electric device in your aquarium such as an ozone generating unit so that you can be set up by the pet owner at a close range. Even better, This is a complete pinpoint ORP controller that can accommodate any electrical device up to 5 full amps. More than an efficient ozone generator in your pets’ home, the American Marine Pinpoint ORP Controller can only be used for 110 VAC.. Moreover, when you use this controller, you’re going to never have to calibrate, which conserves energy and saves time. Additionally, you’ll operate it easily, and the product’s ORP probe has replacements that are readily to be had available in the market. Plus, the pinpoint ORP Controller package includes a convenient 15 ft extension cable. Thus, with this ORP controller by American Marine, you’ll manage the ozone value in your aquarium without spending some huge cash in purchasing a device.


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