Aquarium Fish Hatchery Cichlids Tumbler Incubator




-The purpose of atumbler is to permit fresh water to circulate over cichlid which were separated from the parents.
– A fresh supply of clean water allows fish eggs to develop in an oxygen wealthy environment.
– Where mould and fungus development is suppressed without the need for chemicals.
– Tumblers are used steadily by breeders. The gentle rolling action due to these tumblers can simulate the normal incubation of these fish.
– Allows egg incubation in same tank as fish are breeding in to supply an identical water conditions right through incubation period.
– Can be utilized on other non-adhesive fish eggs as well to assist prevent fun.

Product Attributes:

Material: Plastic
Color: Black and white
Quantity: 1 Pcs
Size(approx.): 28 x 3.8cm/11.02 x 1.49inch

Package Included:

1 x Fish Incubator


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