CHEMetrics K-6909B Nitrate CHEMets Kit, Range: 0-675 ppm

MDL: 60 ppm
Method: Cadmium Reduction
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Nitrate is the most completely oxidized form of nitrogen. It is formed all through the final stages of biological decomposition, either in wastewater remedy facilities or in natural water supplies. Low-level nitrate concentrations could also be present in natural waters. Then again, a Maximum Contaminant Level of 10 ppm nitrate-nitrogen has been established for drinking water by the USEPA. The Cadmium Reduction Method. References: ASTM D 3867-09, Nitrate-Nitrite in Water, Test Method B. APHA Standard Methods, 22nd ed., Method 4500-NO3 – E – 2000. USEPA Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes, Method 353.3 (1983). Nitrate is reduced to nitrite the usage of cadmium as the reducing agent. The resulting nitrite concentration is then decided colorimetrically. This method is applicable to drinking and surface waters, in addition to domestic and industrial wastes. Nitrite will interfere with this test. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) NO3-N or NO3. Range: 0-675 ppm as N. Kit comes in a plastic case and accommodates everything needed to perform 30 tests (excluding distilled water): Refill, Comparator, 25 mL sample cup, 100 uL MiniPet, reaction tube with lid, and instructions.
MDL: 60 ppm
Method: Cadmium Reduction
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Unit Count Type is CHEMets Kit
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