Dual Marinlab ICP-OES Saltwater Aquarium Test & RO Water Test Kit



This kit includes two tests. One test for your aquarium water and one test for your RO water. A great option to verify the water your the usage of to create your aquarium’s base is healthy. Water is vital for all known forms of life, but it isn’t just H2O in your tap, RO supply or aquarium. Let us test it for you, and we can provide a very accurate, comprehensive report indicating the chemical composition of your sample. Our ICP-OES analysis is in a position to detect harmful or even toxic substances, as well as unwanted concentrations or deficiencies of 36 elements. Use that invaluable information to learn about the quality of your precious liquid, and act on it accordingly. For aquarists it means no more guesswork or guesstimations. You’ll be able to easily find out which macro and trace elements wish to be supplemented or are excessively present. Your task to mimic natural water environment created by nature just got easier. ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry) is a technique used to analyze chemical composition of a more than a few types of liquid samples, e.g. drinking water, waste water or seawater. Our laboratory is equipped with probably the most advanced and sophisticated ICP-OES spectrometers currently available in the marketplace. It incorporates explicit plasma torch design, and patented radial and axial viewing optical system that operates on wavelength range between 130-770 nm. This cutting edge technology offers supreme optical resolution and remarkably accurate results for more than a few sample types. Unique design overcomes the challenges produced with testing marine water. In our laboratory we are testing: Li, Si, I, Ba, Mo, Ni, Mn, Be, Cr, Co, Fe, V, Zn, Hg, Se, Cd, Sn, Sb, As, Al, PB, Ti, Cu, La, Sc, W, Na, Ca, Mg, K, Br, B, Sr,S, P, PO4 + Salinity & KH!


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