Mini Polario 10ML Low Voltage Water Pump – 1500 to 2600 GPH

Energy efficient
Two water pumps in one
High laminar water flow that similate oceans currents



Energy efficient, Top drift, low voltage water pump with bi-directional outputs to simulate the natural wave and current actions of the sea. Magnet mount with a 360-degree mounting bracket is included to protected the pump. Pre-programmed in all settings to regularly building up drift: first 5 seconds – 50 percent, next 5 seconds – 75 percent, next 5 seconds – 100 percent, then a delay before the water will discharge from the other facet of the pump. The following generation in water circulation, this low voltage pump is like two pumps in one with a inbuilt wavemaker.


  • Energy efficient, Top drift low voltage water pump
  • Turbine dual action
  • Bi-directional outputs to simulate natural wave and currents of the sea
  • Pre-set random drift and alternating outputs
  • Random drift rates from approximately 1300-2600 GPH (5000-10000 LPH)
  • 360° degree directional pump mounting bracket with magnet mount
  • Patent Pending

Energy efficient
Two water pumps in one
Top laminar water drift that similate oceans currents


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