PRO-LAB Bacteria In Water Test Kit BA110

Safe and easy to use
Reliable results in 48 hours
Detects dangerous coli form and e.coli bacteria

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Disinfection of drinking water is among the major public health advances of the 20th century, alternatively, the disinfectants themselves can react with naturally occurring materials in the water to form unintended byproducts which may pose health risks. A major challenge for water suppliers is balancing the risks from microbial pathogens and disinfection byproducts. Contaminates are in our water supply, some not regulated or adequately controlled, posing immediate health problems. People turn on their taps to drink, shower, bathe, cook, wash dishes and clothing, assuming it is Protected. Bacterial contamination causes severe digestive problems, fever, nausea, diarrhea and every now and then even death. According to the EPA, total coliform and E. coli bacteria testing is really helpful twice a year. Fecal coliform bacteria are mostly found in drinking water that comes from private wells and small water systems. This is partly because private water supplies, small rural public water supplies and private wells don’t seem to be required by law to be tested. The PRO-LAB comes with an Optional Lab Analysis. On the petri dish the test will show columns – when you have 0 – 5 columns indicates clean water. Over 5 columns you will have to send in for full analysis, this kit will wish to be mailed inside the included pre-stamped envelope to Pro Lab Inc’s. There is a charge of $30 for the testing. Pro Lab Inc guarantees the fastest turnaround time in the laboratory testing industry!
Protected and easy to use
Reliable results in 48 hours
Detects dangerous coli form and e.coli bacteria
Optional lab analysis to be had
Test for bacteria in water from drinking faucets, private wells and water fountains


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