Reef Octopus VarioS CR140 5.5 inch Calcium Reactor

Variable Speed, Apex Ready Pump
Reverse flow and CO2 Recirculating Design



The VarioS CR is perfectly in a position to meeting the challenging task of keeping up alkalinity, calcium and trace elements on a demanding reef system. Quality, design and controllability define the Reef Octopus VarioS Calcium Reactor series. To be had in 3 different models that feature the brand new VarioS variable speed pump and reverse glide water current reactor design to maximum water and Co2contact time with the media. All models include PH probe holder(probe and PH controller sold one at a time) to watch Ph levels in the principle reactor chamber and built in bubble counters to watch Co2 drip rates.
Variable Speed, Apex Able Pump
Reverse glide and CO2 Recirculating Design


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