Rio 2500 Submersible Water Pump

Energy Efficient Design 52w
Fully Submersible
High Flow Rate 782 gph



Water Circulation is important to a healthy closed aquatic environment. Without it, the system can develop into unstable, leading to the growth of algae and other unhealthy substances. This is true for both freshwater and saltwater. The most productive way to move the water is by the use of a pump and/or powerhead. Fortunately, hobbyist can choose the right pump and powerhead for their aquarium or pond from the full range of Rio® Aqua Pumps/Powerhead, which are designed to work in quite a few aquatic environments.
All of the Rio® products are high performance, yet priced for the hobbyist. All use the finest in modern technology and materials to create the most efficient pumps and powerhead in the industry. The ceramic shaft and durable high-affect plastic make the pump reliable and long lasting. Magnetic rotor technology offers low maintenance and high reliability. Because it does not use oil, it cannot contaminate your aquarium environment. And, even supposing the Rio delivers a high Go with the flow rate with tremendous pressure capability, it is quiet to operate.
Other features of the Rio® Aqua Pump and optional Powerhead include energy efficiency, low-heat operation and a Go with the flow rate intended to keep electric bills low. The fully submersible Rio® can be utilized with wet-dry filters, venturi protein skimmers and under-gravel filtering systems, in both freshwater and saltwater.
Because the Rio® Aqua Pump and Powerhead come in a range of sizes, you’ll be able to choose the right Rio® for your aquatic environment, one that circulates the water efficiently, but not too violently for small or slow moving creatures.
• Under-gravel filtration
• Ponds
• Water circulation
• Fountains
Energy Efficient Design 52w
Fully Submersible
High Go with the flow Rate 782 gph
Ceramic Shaft


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