Sicce PSK600 Pinwheel Skimmer Pump



Sicce PSK600 Skimmer Pump w/Venturi The Italian pump manufacturer Sicce providesa reliable pinwheel skimmer pump with large volute and unique star impeller for increased air pull.The new PSK-600 are a lot more advanced than the previous PSK 2500 pump. Now with a digital circuit to keep an eye on start up direction and speed, ultra low noise and huge air draw numbers, this pump is able to perform without a modifications needed. The skimmers pump produces on average 18scfh of air pull the use of the provided pinwheel impeller.(Air results will vary depending on aquarium setup) Replacement pump for the following Reef Octopus skimmer models: Diablo 160 This pump can also be retrofitted to the following Reef Octopus skimmers: Diablo/Extreme 160 ($20 extra part)* *There may be an addition part needed to convert the pump to the skimmer body for some models that should be requested on the time of purchase as a result of the added cost of the part. Sicce PSK600 Pinwheel Pump Specifications Voltage: 120v/60Hz Wattage: 40w Air draw: 600 L/H (21 SCFH)* GPH: 247* *Measurements are approximate and can vary.


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