Triton 5 Inline & Submersible Pump 1350gph



Deep Bue Pofessioa – DB Tio Seies PumpTio5 1350GPH 130FT 60WOpimized fo eef, pods & feshwae aquaia Powefu head pessue advert prime fow houghpu Desiged wih iegaed ooig hambes fo use iie o fuy submeged Effiie, ow eegy osumpio wih UL ised gouded od & siio seasIuded Compoes- Iie pump ove – Submesibe pump ove – Pe-fie spoge & saie- three/four” babed adape- 1″ babed adape- Veui adape120V – 60HZ.Fis 1″ Theaded fiigsCeami shaf & impee


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